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Hey there! So you're thinking of applying for a staff position on MineFlare, that's awesome. Clicking the big green text below will take you to a page with a series of questions which will help us to get to know you better, understand why you would like the role, and see what you can contribute to the MineFlare community.  Click Here to Apply Currently, we have 6 Staff members who look over applications. These people are Enyoyo, Linafe, Justin253, Sunnidaz, UnemployedHobo and Wiglet. After submitting your application, one of us will respond to your application as soon as possible and will let you know how you went. We look forward to reading your application and good luck!
11 days ago

Added Freedom Noms! - Our second main game alongside Witch Hunt! - Is a fun single-player puzzle game! - Currently in BETA for ranks while we gather feedback and test for bugs! - Will be released with even more levels once we've smoothed things out!   Added Frozen Frenzy! - Old game has been completely overhauled - No longer an elimination game, great fun for getting revenge!   BOOSTERS - Check out the new FLARE BOOSTERS in the store, where you can boost the Diamonds of the entire server for 30 minutes!   And also Added 15+ Achievements! Added ~80 Masks, some requested by you! Added Pug Mask (Community requested) Remade Super Spleef Map 1 Check out your profile in-game ;)
2 months ago