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Our First Big Update!
Started by Enyoyo

Time is here for our 1 week anniversary, wow, looking back at launch, we were so young and naive a week ago. Wow look at how much you’ve all grown, amazing! Wow look at your hair, #blunderyears.


Added 6 Jumble Jog Stages!

- We reworked this game for our relaunch

- It has been super popular so heres some unique stages

- Theres now 24 total stages, picks 6 random ones each game


Added Arcade Game: Hoppity Hop

- Based off an idea by Team_Liquid (Kalihi)

- Silly fun new chance game


Added Arcade Game: Kill Yourself

- As voted by the community, the game is back!

- First to 13 deaths wins, BUT....

- You now have to die 8 UNIQUE ways

- Game also has achievements

- Two amazing maps made by Sunnidaz! Be sure to thank her!


Added SECRET Achievements

- Only 3 for now

- Over time, I hope to have 1 for every game, and some for hub


Swap Drop has been completely recoded

- Beeps our now faster (community feedback)

- Added Swap Drop Map 2 (By KingBranBran)


Cobblestoners no longer has TP Down blocks on every level

- Now has them on levels 3, 6, 9 and 12 (community feedback)


And also...

- Added Canny Cactus Map 2

- Added Fresh Tourney

- During the week we also added:

- Spotlight Map 3

- Archery Assassins Map 2

- Gravity Gallop Achievements

- 10+ Emoji Masks

- Added 9 FNG Achievements

- Added Lapis Levelers Map 4 (Was used during FNG)

- Bunch of bug fixes and small improvements


Thanks to those of whom enjoyed FNG, and to Justin253 for helping the server launch so smoothly along with a bunch of others! Was great to see so many of you at FNG, with Lopa taking out the title and Dreamiie finding the hidden block

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