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Fortnightly Update Released!
Started by UnemployedHobo

We often update, even when we don't.


One thing we do here on MineFlare, is that we do constant active development of the server. This means the server gets updated every day or so, often with small fixes or minor additions. These are in between the major updates which will now come every fortnight. We normally don't post a formal announcement or tell anyone about these changes, we just do them behind the scenes. For a quick look at the kind of things which come in these little updates, I did an update log of the stuff I added while you were sleeping:


- Spooky Lanterns now disappear from games after 1 minute, due to people exploiting games and standing on them

- Some games have much better Spooky Lantern spawns now (eg; Gravity Gallop)

- Made the 'Found A Spooky Lantern' announcements only appear to players in that game


- Added Shroom Shooters Achievements, including the amazing SHROOMER tag! 



- Added 30 or so more Mind Duck Topics

- You now can't get a topic from the previous 5 games

- You now get 4 triple votes each game, these add +3 to the score, so save them for the funny/smart ones

- Now awards small amounts of diamonds and Hub Games experience


- Fixed Squad Split giving no/bad xp

- Fixed Hoppity Hop not having enough hoppers for big games

- Fixed a Bug with the Magenta/Clay parkourse teleports


And that's of course just the front of house changes, we've started a bunch of work on future content that won't be seen for 1-4 weeks. Games don't just magically appear on the server! Well thanks for playing, keep the feedback coming on the beta games and in general, and good luck getting that Shroomer (and Swapper) tag!

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5 months ago