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Halloween Update
Started by UnemployedHobo

Halloween has come to MineFlare in our latest update!


Added Halloween Capsule!

- Only available until November 4!

- Contains 42 Spooky Masks and 1 Rare Arrow Trail!


Added Spooky Pumpkins!

- These spawn at the start of Arcade games

- Right click them for diamond or a chance of a free Halloween Capsule!

- This is the best way to get this limited time capsule (or you can buy for 100 emeralds)


Added Duels Beta!

- Contains 12 kits and 4 maps!

- Punch the NPC at spawn to join

- You can open the menu inside the duel arena by typing /duel


Added 2 new games! (Cano Pea Shooters and Spacelight)

Added 11 new maps (Includes some Halloween maps)

Added 35 Nom Nation levels since last weekend!


Added a bunch of Achievements 

- Swapper tag is now available by finishing a Swap Drop course!


Those silly spectate zombies should be fixed now, and as punishment, we've silenced them so they don't make any noises now!


The Dark Shroud LIMITED TIME pack is now available in the store!



- SPOOKER Display Tag (Red, Exclusive)

- Halloween Spiral Arrow Trail (Exclusive to the store)

- Halloween Hat (Exclusive to the store; Flashes Orange/Black wool)

- 5x Halloween Capsules

- Cinder Clothes Set (Black)

- Black Jack O' Lantern Mask

- Gengar Mask

- Dusclops Mask

- Umbreon Mask

- Darkrai Mask


Grab it now before it leaves the store! A great way to support the server and get an extra boost to all the cosmetics you can earn for free by playing and earning Halloween Capsules.

6 months ago