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Linafe Linafeabout 1 month ago
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Added Freedom Noms!

- Our second main game alongside Witch Hunt!

- Is a fun single-player puzzle game!

- Currently in BETA for ranks while we gather feedback and test for bugs!

- Will be released with even more levels once we've smoothed things out!


Added Froze...

Enyoyo Enyoyoabout 1 month ago
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Time is here for our 1 week anniversary, wow, looking back at launch, we were so young and naive a week ago. Wow look at how much you’ve all grown, amazing! Wow look at your hair, #blunderyears.


Added 6 Jumble Jog Stages!

- We reworked this game for our relaunch

- It has been super popular so heres some unique stages

- Theres now 24 total stages, picks 6 random ones each game


Added Arcade Game: Hoppity Hop

Enyoyo Enyoyoabout 1 month ago
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I would like to give a big hearty thanks to everyone who has come back to MineFlare, along with an assortment of new and (mostly new) players. Especially a big thanks to those of you who spent money on our store ( as it has helped pay for the server. We have fully funded September, alongside the two months we spent in development. We thus go into October in good financial state, and will be adding a couple more items to the store to ensure our survival, especially as we are looking to spend money on advertising, since we want to grow. A sidenote however, is that the servers are MUCH cheaper than last time, and thus far we have had almost no problems. Any lag ...

Enyoyo Enyoyoabout 1 month ago
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MineFlare is returning! So strap yourself in and join our discord at

Server information will be more focused on Discord than the forums, so be sure to join it as it will be the centerpiece of our community.

IP will be when the server relaunches!