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Linafe Linafe3 months ago
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Hey everyone, I wanted to write this message to reflect on the past few months on MineFlare, give everyone an update on what’s been happening, and our plans for the start of the new year. I didn’t really intend for it to be this long so apologies for that, but I think it’s an important read as many of you have been left in the dark recently.

UnemployedHobo UnemployedHobo4 months ago
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A YouTuber is coming soon, and so we're fixing up a few things. So this week's update is a little early, but comes with a cool couple of things.


- Added the Fairy Tag (Finish a Fairy Flash Map)

- Added the Nommer Tag (Finish all Freedom Nom courses)

- Added about 15+ new Achievements




- Swapped out 2 Magma Maps, and added in 2 new ones!

- Swapped out 2 Hay Hop Maps, and added in 2 new ones!

- Swapped out 2 Fairy Flash Maps, and added in 3 new ones!

- Added in Sandstone Sliders Map 2


- Completely redid the tournament list!

- Added a few new mutations in!

- Tournament list is now vi...

UnemployedHobo UnemployedHobo5 months ago
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That's right my suns, we just added three hectic new PvP games to the Arcade.


One is Chest Test, which was trialed last week and over the last few days, great team based fun, now with 2 maps!


One is an older favourite with 4 kits, be sure to play that one!


And finally is a brand new game called Barbarians. Some of you might be familiar with the name, but the game itself is completely new. Great fun.


Come try today, we were so eager to have you guys try them we weren't even able to finish the newer style of game-sky-island we're trying out!

UnemployedHobo UnemployedHobo5 months ago
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We often update, even when we don't.


One thing we do here on MineFlare, is that we do constant active development of the server. This means the server gets updated every day or so, often with small fixes or minor additions. These are in between the major updates which will now come every fortnight. We normally don't post a formal announcement or tell anyone about these changes, we just do them behind the scenes. For a quick look at the kind of things which come in these little updates, I did an update log of the stuff I added while you were sleeping:


- Spooky Lanterns now disappear from games after 1 minute, due to people exploiting games and standing on them

- Some games have much...

UnemployedHobo UnemployedHobo6 months ago
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Halloween has come to MineFlare in our latest update!


Added Halloween Capsule!

- Only available until November 4!

- Contains 42 Spooky Masks and 1 Rare Arrow Trail!


Added Spooky Pumpkins!

- These spawn at the start of Arcade games

- Right click them for diamond or a chance of a free Halloween Capsule!

- This is the best way to get this limited time capsule (or you can buy for 100 emeralds)


Added Duels Beta!

- Contains 12 kits and 4 maps!

- Punch the NPC at spawn to join

- You can open the menu inside the duel arena by typing /duel


Added 2 new games! (Cano Pea Shooters and Spaceligh...